Saturday, June 27, 2009

Do I want to be happy or sad:) :(

There are a lot many things that make you sad,
melancholy but at the same time there are thousands that make you happy wonderful

You can feel sad for a lot many things you losing a job,your break up,misery of a friend,illness,world peace,politics imbroglio,terrorism downpour,u losing ur wallet,
missing the bus,not finding the pen.........

And feeling happy too is as easy.
It can be as simple a thing as the the young kid playing,the breeze blowing the rain pouring,the family talking,your love waving..............

The key here is to catch things that make you happy and concentrate on them rather then mourning on the sad ones.

I feel wonderful by blogging tooooooooo
so here I m making myself happy again rather than choosing to mourn over my losses.

And yup joined technorati too to be more happy.A technical part;)

Saturday, June 13, 2009


A dangerous bond of
Self aroused interest
Candid smiles and chirpy frowns
Lost in you for days so long
You said U love
And I said I do

You showed me heaven
And heaven I saw
Together we entwined
We became one

A reason for my being
Came into being

But u cried and said
you had to go
I saw your face
With a restless pace
I saw you leave
But couldn’t let you go

The love and the feel
I will make it stay
Still feel your feel
Still cherish your smile
Our love will live
Yes in my womb it stands
All want it gone
But stay it will

In me you will stay
As my life at stake
As my love’s keepsake
Yes in me you will stay

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The TIME has come

Stateless expressions,logicless explanations.
These are my own ways for not writing,not talking,not shouting.
But there is something today that just wants me to write.
And that's the very same place which I left 6 months back.
For a new project,for a new opportunity for further movement.
But sometimes it feels as if we end at the same point,at square null.
I am again shot at point blank range with gargoyles of intermittent complexities.
Project is over now,company is in shambles now.
And now I see that there is some other thng that I want to follow.
Although it was damn clear,always crysal clear.
But now thw time has come to break the shackles of constraints,to break the shambles that blocked my moves.

Coz now the tym has come to a halt.
If only I clear these rigmaroles,then only I wud move.
Then only I will move.

Now,I have restructured my priorities,my goals,which always were there.
But now I have to move from where I started
from square null.....




The world is a stage

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