Thursday, May 17, 2012

SRK the star or yet another folklore
Not even one day old but the incident stands repeated a number of times.The whole controversy surrounding SRK and his antics in the stadium have been the talk of various channels as well as papers.
There have been multiple versions of the same instance albeit from other sides of the wall.
Yes, either stories of the folklore are tough to believe.
One cannot put all his eggs in MCA's or SRK's words. The situation is as confusing as all other media stories.
But what caught my eye was a comment in one of the newspapers.

Are we getting old and forgetful of the mass hysteria called as Salman Khan which even when am writing this continues to rise in the cult superstar status that he is ascribed to.
What SRK has done stands very small as compared to what his brother from different mother had done.

Even after being at the center stage of various altercations Salman continued to rise above his human status and whatever was ever written against him died a silent death.
Even though he was wrong, he was arrogant he was proud but even then he became what people have always waited for- A rebel.

This would be premature for me to say that SRK will now grow in his glory and maybe again attain sponsorship of marquee names other than Tag Heuer or would resurrect as the youth ambassador of Pepsi and other brands.
But then it would be completely stupid to write him off as a dying star unable to handle his larger than life status.

And yes a word of advice- those who say that SRK has been giving the wrong signals to youth and he should mend his ways,should now stop for a minute and listen to me.
SRK is not a social worker and neither he is a Nazi who has forced people to follow him. It is upto us whom to carve as our idol. He too is a human being and hence would behave like one.
As of me I am contented with his damage control attitude.




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