Saturday, May 25, 2013

the killing impatience

by ~AlesyaSokol

See it was not easy.
Not easy for me atleast.I dread days and hours kill me. My speech is maimed while I ruthlessly want to stab me.
It is not that I am not strong, it is just that I am impatient.
Impatient like a dead duck, being dragged by a dog after the heist from the farmers lawn.
I will fiddle and let my will twiddle.

But never ever I would say that I harp sadness.
I conjure madness but sadness no I never feel so.

But feeling something, saying something and doing something else is what is human I think.
The way Adam would have fucked Eve behind the sink.

You see the horizon waiting for it to meet, I seethe through the end to make my eyes feel the bend
cause I know there is no horizon never and what you see is just my eyes playing fever

darkness has evaded me now, I dont call it darkness anymore
it is the new sun now
Patience has belittled me, I see the new wait now...

Days pass as if I sleep
Sleep has shots as f that is the only place awake

I keep asking in rhetorics now
my peers meanwhile seeing me in historic wow
they said,you have to be there to see that 
I say,
you have to see that to be there

There is no right answer I was once told 
that is old with a little hint of bold

There aint no right question if it has got a right answer
This is an irony which makes even great minds falter

Cause tell me if I could answer your questions
then your questions wont be questions anymore

your answers a puzzle falling filthily flat 
like that remorseful drizzle

Oh leave it, I will keep asking myself
why it all started
maybe the 1000 things that have got this fire started
I still squirm when I am in the pool
To see if water can take out what is guzzling in minds fool

A fire has started
and i wait for answers with little but yet with my part of this,

And here it is where we all started
I know you dint get a word of this while some you farted
So i ask you to read this again
and feel the pain that life thwarted
and then you would realize that it was all about impatience
impatience which is now the new patience

A patience which even homer simpson thinks is patience
I still let my skull fiddle and my mind twiddle
cause it never was easy it never will be...


Thursday, May 16, 2013

being good


As of an ebb it pervades
Over evil will which it evades

I sat there thinking, whether to kill it
or let it seethe, be raw yet competent

There was no compulsion apart from the fact
that the only compulsion was to let it be, or rather cut a pact

Being a man who is viewed as happy
takes shit even when others call it crappy

For others let me explain first, neither I am a dimwit
nor a sombre carcass, rather all that stays is just a hitch

A hitch to take which road,
difficult for a man who believes in truce
Who thinks hatred is better killed than making evil spiced up with spruce

The problem is not only me but with him as well
I know you are right at the right's end
while it could be seen that wrong would be a better find

Maybe that was what help me to my sanity
or I could have clawed you with anonymity
Not a word would have been said not an eye blinked
I am good at killing monsters without a sound kinked

You have to learn though
that the words you use are words not walls
the feelings that you conjure are feelings
and not one way letters

I will play truce cause that is how I work
We will be happy and grow together
cause killing is not the only solution
And I am not one who created delusion

Lets soothe out together
and remain partners as birds with the same feather

Cause you know
My goodness is good
With badness a tad better




The world is a stage

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