Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Elysium revisited(My loss or my win)

I always feared death,
and slowly the fear of death, overcame death itself,
Day by day i waited
with baited breath i waited
that 1 day i wud b dead
dat one day I wud leave u all n go

Bt dat day had 2 b 1 day n nt so soon
Bt alas in the cacophony f fear I forgot dat
me 2 cud b d slave
d home f dis death.

I had d foolishness 2 thnk dat i wud nvr leave u
I tht dat i wud alwz b wid u
But as lightnin struck,
my world broke,
N i saw life laughing at me 4m d corner
telling me dat it had won,

Tellin me dat hw foolish I was
2 think dat I was maglomaniac
2 think dat i cud nvr die
never leave
dat I was all but not IMMORTAL

N wen d calamity struck
I was lost
Failing wid watever words I had,
Failing wid watever thoughts I had,
All I was left was but a heavy heart
Grieving eyes,,Melancholy heart

I felt dat my mornin wasnt d same
I saw derez was no Rishi to pull my blanket
No Rohit to reply me smilingly
No akki whom I wud hv 2 wake at d last momnt
No lokesh wid whom I had 2 fyt
No DJ 2 open up
Offc wz dere bt wrmth wz nt dere
DEre r ppl bt aliens
dere z no kriti 2smyl wid me
2 b alwz wid me
no arpita aur noopur 2 laf wid
in shrt spans
No rjsh whose hair i cud pull

Wasnt it alrdy 2 mch dat i had wtnsd
d loss f ek ungli superboy ankur,
d chirpiness f d menacious ajay,
d dedication f temani,
d valor f nimish
d candidness f gupti
d gropu dat rocked places
d parties dat blasted stages
d lyf

Bt in d course f dese thts wid tears in ma eyes
I jst felt 1 thing,
Dat i m sailing past memories,
Memories so big dat made d whole world small
Dat made all my pains small
Memories dat i hv been part f an elisium
Memories where my mind dwells
N mst importantly memories which bring hopes
Hopes dat 1 day i wud b back
back in my wrld
A wrld f dstnguishd frenz
A wrld f mine
A wrld f us all

N its my trn nw
I luk sqarely in2 lyf's eyes
n wid a thunderous cry
say jst 1 thng
Its nt u O fool who won
Bt AS ALWAZ its me
who won coz I have bt d mst wndrfl frenz
coz I have bt d most wndrfl frenz
sum whum I wz goin 2 meet in hell
lyk all f us
nikki n radhika
n 2 angels whom i brt wid maslf
Aarti n subhash
Who wud back me up alwz whn i was dwn
Who wud support me
Mk me rmbr

N whrvr v r
v r 2gthr
A trillion kms
or a 1000 nyts away v myt b
bt v r near
at a dstnc f a call
a chat,a mail
or myt b a wndrfl HUG.

N den i lukd back in d eyes f lyf n said
ITS me who won u fool
Its me who won


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