Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Is Maharashtra not a part of India

This was one reply that I had written to Shobhaa after her open letter to Raj thackrey.
Just found it so thought to put it up here.

Hi Shobhaa,
Now this is what we call a wonderful post.
Actually you made me wait long enough to read such an insightful post.
I totally completly wholly agree with your interpretation of Raj Thackery.
Marathi manoos,what the hell.
And not only him I am pained at the countless educated "INTELLECTUAL" people even here in the comments section who revel in this Marathi Manoos stupidity.
Fools have you people forgotten that there are already enough reasons for us to be at war with ourselves.
have you people forgotten the usless Babri masjid demolition,the Godhra carnage,subsequent Gujarat riots,attack on pub going women.
Are these not enough to increase animosity,that you want to create enemity even on the basis of place we were born.
How stupid of you to say that people are using Mumbai's water and resources,cause there would be your children too going to other places to study and for other reasons.Should they be labelled outcasts???
Or rather killed stupidly by a raging moronic mob withot a head but an even more stupid leader at their helm.
A Marathi manoos or an aam manoos all would be right if we are at peace with ourselves and believe that we are human beings first even before being Indians.


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