Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bike riding not child play,undertaker play

chap 1
"We need to do this."
Seemed too far fetched a dream at the first instance.But then the words first said are sometimes complete without any need for closure.
Such was the discussion that happened one night between Guruprasad Ramnath a regular maverick and Shripad the new opener in one of the individual rooms at Great lakes Institute of management. The institute which normally prided itself for the handpicked assortment of students never knew what these two souls would have dreamed. This was something that would surely be one more legacy's of the present Spartans batch.
Guru and Shripad although being from diverse disciplines and companies of varying expertise had one thing common. Both hailed from the city which never slept- Bombay which at the present day is Mumbai. This strong connect made the Mumbaikars dream a dream which was fuelled because of their love for Mumbai. to do a biking trip from Chennai to Mumbai. They never knew what they were upto when they had just incubated this 1500 km giant of a ride in their wishlist.
The rest they say is history.

Chap 2
Things well begun is half done.But these were not the regular things and this place too was not one of the regular places. A one year MBA is seriously the giant whom you bravely walk to say judging by only its head stuck out from the water. The goliath hadnt even rubbed its shoulders when the initial plan was done. A dream seen in the second term is too imaginative till the seventh term ends. Every student here loses as well as finds him once he stands tall through a set of 7 semesters of 49 days each with sessions ranging from 0700 hrs to sometimes 0200 at night. Most of the first 3 terms end as a trance for many. After 3 to 11 years in the industry getting back to the study groove was not something that people come fully equipped with, in mind. A simple peaceful delicacy like sitting in front of the giant tower of reflection found its time at 3 at night. In all this rumble still people were strong and this place only fuelled their dreams. Not only the studies made them more clear and stricter to regimes but also people who came there with passion made the biking trip more concentrated.
Birds of the same bush flock together and people of the same push drive together.
Evidence of these came slowly but succinctly as time moved. A lot of bonds were created in this one year time over group assignments, lattitude events, karma yoga visits but the resolved strengthened.
And this was when the dream started taking shape

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