Thursday, July 19, 2012


Image credit-woman in black by Nalanece

There is no halo over her head nor is she the one who desperately tries to be someone who she is not.
This is not for you, not for you if you think that tending to your kids is not fashionable, not fashionable when you are at the same time planning for your company’s next strategic move. She is the kind of lady who mesmerizes you when she speaks at the podium with a hall full of the most intelligent men on the planet.
The one who would unknowingly turn you just for having a second glance at her, not because of the way others use skin as an alibi for eyeballs but because of the way she holds herself. No, there is no upper class forced elegance in her walk but because there is no force at all, when she walks with her head held high, it is not the funambulism, the tight rope walking like others but the streamlined flow with which her body serenades as if everything is just a part of her.You don't see her but feel her in your head all the time. She is the one who knows that right would always be right irrespective of the situations that ensnare it. It is not for you if you think that whatsoever your husband , family or society says is the final thing even if it is wrong. She believes that it is not only sun and shade but a lot of intermittent hues which need to be deciphered.

She has the courage to stand and that too to stand hard against decisions which do not make the right sense. She has the courage to defy convictions, topple governments and show the tangled society its rightful place. She has risen and would rise again whenever she knows that nobody else has the impugn to rise. But this does not make her humbleness vanish. She still holds the highest amount of respect for her elders, she still is the perfect bride who would grace any home, the perfect mother, the doting wife. She is the one who would give seat to her elders, be dressed in a gracious sari which would be any mother in laws dream. At the same time she would be talented enough to be elegantly gyrating at the best party numbers in a discotheque. A writer, a philosopher, a thinker.
She does not try and run around finding beauty enhancers instead beauty comes and finds her the way in which she actually is beautiful. It is not about perfection but it is about the confidence of acceptance.


  1. the mysterious feel of this image is really something, its capturing!!
    hi how r u?

    1. Hi Sarah,
      Am doing good.Thanks for the kind words.
      Waise I believe you went into acting right.
      How are you doing then.

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