Monday, June 18, 2012

Musings of a moron

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It would be sad to agree that I am being eaten away by busy man syndrome.But then it really is amusing.How the zillions of thoughts don't even see the light of the day before being on the paper.
I have titled thousands of articles in my head but not one seems to persevere enough.
Where has the intermittent curiosity gone,where have the pangs of excitement,the fight to foster new stories gone.
Exactly 1 month and 1 week back I had turned a new page of my life.
Getting back in the groove of a job was difficult but the excitement of learning something drastically new overthrew the sombre mood if any.
Needless to say this new job has been teaching something that I dint even think of in my wildest dreams.
Now when had I ever thought that I would be delving in such a wide variety of industries and that too learning and facilitating in setting up from the scratch.
Yes, the job is good. I thought initially that maybe the excitement is taking the better of me and hence the rate at which I wrote had taken a downfall.
But with time and my brains I have analyzed that the job has given me enough time and space to broaden my wings.
It is as usual nothing but my self carved hibernation.
All procrastination(I like the word though) and minimal vaccination make Harsha a Stupider boy.
One good thing has been the extremely wide amount of reports I have started reading.
They are ranging from digital marketing to economy to some which would bring a bad reputation to my name,if expressed openly here.
Meanwhile I have also read some exceptionally well written blogs which have simply blown me away.

I hope I have not lost much of an excitement from my head since my dormancy.
Well as you would have figured out by now this post has only been a pensive to empty the bullshit I had been nurturing.
Better articles might some other day see the light of the day,if at all they exist.
Oh and between watched Shanghai and loved it,specially the scene between CM and Abhay deol.


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