Monday, August 24, 2009

The limit to no limits.........

When comes the limit to no limits...............................

Have I been in a quagmire or is it that the daze has woke me up with a start.
My heart still cries while my eyes fade into tears.tears so true as if unreal.
why did it happen.where did I fail.My words depth never lied to you nor to me.Not an iota of doubt ever creeped in me.Where darling then did I go wrong,WHERE.
Wasnt I there when you needed me the most,then why you left me when I yearned,when I was weak,shattered,WHY.
My soul is sucked but thanks to you Thanks to you darling that you gave me the best time of my life.
Now you will walk away like many did,happy to have your prince charming and adding to your long list of underachievable foolish lovers.You might smile someday when you think of me,you would still talk to me like that enigma of yours still drowns me.
That doesnt happen anymore dear,goodbye,GOODBYE my lover.
Yes I waited till I could,but now its not my fault.
I waited till came the limit,the limit to no limits.....

And am so happy for the same.CAuse earlier the pedestal ended with you at the podium but now you just creep at the bottom of the altar,frail and yes am happy for it.Cause there are people worthier than you,dearer than you,who kissed me,cared for me,repected me,STOOD by me.

Thanks darling for teaching my worth,teaching your price,Move on darling like the way you helped me.
Know the limit to no limits..................................................


  1. This is heart breaking, but so refreshing .. a rejuvenation so to speak. I have had someone to teach me my worth to, and glad I moved on before I was destroy. Bravo!

  2. @Amias
    To have someone when you need the most is the most important aspect to love.And I am very happy you had someone.
    It is just like leaving the rocket the exact time to catch the escape velocity,it is just the same as stopping at the peak of your desire,but once this discipline is achieved we may not make a fool of us any more.
    Thanks dear for dropping by.


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