Monday, August 24, 2009

What is growth?

How do we rate things
is it by the achievements we have had
is it by the qualifications we have obtained
or is it by the medals we have won.......
Sadly,it is just what the other has done.
One day we might seem utterly satisfied by the results we have
but just the other day we find ourselves in a tizzy,in a whirlpool of emotional disturbances
only because your colleague or your next door neighbour has an ounce more than you.
When is this going to stop.
When realisation would stop from being comparative and be more (concentrative)/ of a private thing.
Sometimes it seems to me as if this would happen-never.
Or rather not atleast till we are alive.
But that's the whole eccentric point.
dude respect the privacy.
respect growth,your inner growth.


  1. I know a lot of people who judge their growth and achievements by what they earn or how many things they have but give no thought to how they've grown as a person. This world we be a much better place if we all focused on our inner selves and not what we have on the outside.

    A great poem!

  2. @Jane Doe
    Growth as a person.Well,Jane this is one truth that you have rightly said.Most of the time,we just let this thought go and are hell bent just to achieve the materialistic side.Thanks,for telling the same.


  3. I know what you mean, Harsha. It's contentment that ultimately matters. And equanimity.

    Money can buy beds--nice ones at that--but when it is time for good sleep, it is something to be earned. A day well spent and a day ahead well hoped bring sleep. Let's train ourselves to leave a few things to be taken care of automatically by somebody else.

    If a few good things come to us without our being responsible for that, there has to be something to our dislike finding its way into our bag of things without our ratiocination.


  4. @A_N_Nanda
    Contentment,hardest of all.
    But yet the answer to all.
    Ratiocination,intriguing indeed.
    Thanks Mr Nanda, for dropping by.


  5. You speak great truth here Harsha ---

    --- I measure my growth by my love self and for humanity and the positive actions behind it. I never measure it by material things.

  6. @Amias
    And as you do so,I know you are at peace dear,peace with yourself.But it is also the toughest part to do,measure it by positive actions.
    I actually was lost in the materialistic side once.The battle had been real tough to come back.
    I am trying to keep the materialistic glutton outside of my system.
    Thanks for your kind words dear.


  7. @Ajab Boparai
    Thanks for the same dear.



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