Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ram's reality:Is it this what we really need to answer

Was going through Jug's article.Is Ram really for real.
He explained the Ram Setu project.
The row over the ramifications if it is interferred with.
Now, what he did there was that he took a rational view rather than a religious one,as taken by the masses over here.
I would just like to reply dear Jug and dear India with my views:

Hi Jug,

Although I wasn't able to read all the comments,but I would say is that firstly this is an excellent article.
People should try to rationalise and understand the truth rather than raising useless issues.
Many of the people here are the ones who resort to riots and stuff rather than resorting to rational thinking.Ram can be and can't be.As far as I am concerned I feel its just an epic tale.
Other people surely believe differently but this belief shouldn't come as a hindurance for such developments.One day we call a crack in the bridge as Mother Mary's divine being.
Does it mean we would stop repairing the crack?
Moreover,others must take note that Jug is not trying to poke fun at Ram and moreover he is not an anti Hindu Demon that you have made.When you people say poke fun at Allah and Jesus it shows your even heightened narrow mindedness.

After going through the comments I feel that :

"Whether Ram setu was actually built by Ram" as a question has been dwarfed by my fear that
"are we really secular"?
Keep the good work going Jug.

*P.S.-Ram is one of the most sacred deities in Hindu religion.For enlightment on the same kindly check the below links.
Ramayana-Refrence from Wikepedia
Lord Rama-Refrence from Wikepedia



  1. I don't think, Harsha, there is anything wantonly wrong if one cannot be strictly rational. Let Ram continue where he can best be accommodated, say in one's heart.


  2. Hi Mr Nanda,
    The point that I wanted to raise here was not a problem with Ram's rationality lost presence.
    I know that with faith at work things can't be reasoned out.
    Rather what I wanted to drive in was that there is a world above the bickering.And one mustn't include religious extremism and vitriolic hate against other communities on the behest of these issues.

    Thanks for coming by.


  3. It took me a while to read the complete articles, and do a little research --- I did it not to add a comment, but for understanding another culture, as mines changes with the win. Thank you for the education!

  4. @Amias
    I know Amias that you have never written and would never write just to write.
    Well,what I wanted to tell here is the flawed part that has backpacked itself with this extremism in culture.


  5. Since discovering your blog, Harsha .. I have come to understand and experience a freshness in thought -- that no matter who we are, or what culture we are from, or where we are; we all suffer with some of the same issues -- some seem more severe than others, but the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual pains are the same.

    That and the fact that I love how you express yourself; your turth. Every subject you chose to speak about, you do so in what I believe to be open and honest dialogue, and for that you have my deepest respect.

  6. Hi Amias,
    Although I should never admit this;),but your comments are something that I have always waited for,infact yearned for.
    And hearing such a big thing from you I am on cloud number 9 :)
    We all write,try to show the world what goes in our head,in our way,cause in one way or the other-it liberates us,lets us meet ourselves.
    And throughout this journey I never thought that I would actually find people so good and so clear hearted.And am so happy for the same.
    Thanks for the kind words Amias,today I must say I am charged up a lot...again:)
    Comments not only act as a critic but also as the light to move.I was in the wrong light a few days back because of some ideology of mine.I felt even low and down but your words gave me the strength to stand tall...
    Thanks again.
    tc dear...


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