Sunday, September 27, 2009

wait-just wait

At times it is great to wait.

Is it so.
I was and am confused.
Sometimes things turn sour and this happens when you want them extremely sweet,when you have expected a sugar syrup dipped in Jaggery with chocolate toppings.
Love has this strange habit.
Sometimes I think why to expect at the first place and then somehow I fight with myself and agree that expectation is a vice and I conquer it.
But what to do at times when things become bad for the silliest reasons.
I always say that big fights happen for the silliest reasons coz big issues are always visible and hence worked upon.
I agree that what happened today,is actually nothing happened.
What happened was because of neither of us.
But what happened has made both of us sad.
I always believe in talking and sorting things out.
I always believe in rights and wrongs.
I filthily become judgmental at times when I am supposed to be a patient listener.
The sense of right dominates my other senses.Although I am trying to balance the act.
Actually trying to understand what needs to be understood.
I know that this is no big issue and by tonight itself you would call me.
But this period has given me time to contemplate,to see through me,in me.
I know I can't always be right and actually shouldn't be.
If it was for me,I would have called you a thousand times and would have made you see my point,cause thats my way of me.
But now that when you ask me to wait,I abide and at times during the wait am again and again bitten by my guilt-the pangs of which are so big that again and again I think that why I din't listen even if it was for the so called right in my head.
Cause for being right at least I must have listened to the storms you were witnessing.
Today's happenings are not cause of me not listening neither cause of me expecting much but something smaller than everything that we aren't able to comprehend.
So,for today....

Today I would wait-just wait.  



  1. Harsha I have had these conversations to myself so many time I am ashamed to say ... it is never the big things that bring us down, it the little things that we fail to see -- and having expectations, even of ourselves can defeat our purpose; especially when it comes to love.

    This is very thought provoking .. and it brings back so many memories of a failed relationship, all because I didn't listen. I wanted to be right all the time, and believe me, sometimes being right is highly overrated.

  2. @Amias
    Thanks Amias for showing me something I needed.
    Yes although the matter ended soon but it made me think that relations like things are ephemeral.Nothing has the surety of lifelong presence.
    Listening I agree and have felt that is THE most important.Things would work better if we become less judgmental and more empathetic at times.
    " being right is highly overrated."
    I will keep that in mind dear.
    Thanks for taking your time dear for these stupid thoughts of mine.


  3. Stop calling your thoughts stupid, because if they are, what does this make me, because I always enjoy reading them.

  4. @Amias
    I am overwhelmed dear.
    Your words mean so much to me.
    Wish I could have shown you what I mean.

  5. And then they Lived Happily ever after......

  6. @A-Key
    And yup same 2 u :D



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