Monday, October 5, 2009

Yes,there shall be:)

"and then at the end give us what we desire or deserved for

does he really give us that or do we belive that he has given us".

This thing has always eaten an important part of my mind.I don't believe in God.But all these years along I have been made to believe that whatever happens,happens for a reason,all happens for good.
What I have figured out is that finally we as human beings are quite jovial hopeful creatures.We tend to find happiness everywhere.So,after a long ardous struggle whatever we get we see it as too much and worthful.In short we adapt to it.Thats the naked truth.But the point is we are happy with this arrangement and it actually helps us out in these trying times.
And yes in happiness we seem as far more better beings,seemingly less irritated,less frustrated less complex.
2 things for this.
Firstly,this phase is our frustrated sad phase,we are less busy and see more of these things,these bad events,the sadness.

Might be you are true over here.

But,secondly this is the challenge.At times not so good.
Are we good!!!
I hope we all would be.
And I believe:
"There shall be showers of blessings..
this is the promise of love...."
Let's wait till then:)

In reply to a wonderful friend's thoughts in her blog collection of happiness.
We had quite a few series of bad events and some part of bad had rubbed my beautiful wonderful friend.
And then she asked,asked why all this and till when.
And this was what I said to her and have always felt.



  1. Greetings Harsha ..

    There is a lot open for conversation here, but as you have directed me to your friend's blog, all the energy I could muster tonight have went to do what you have asked me to do.

    You are indeed a friend when you help others to understand by looking at point of views outside of their box. So I will point you to the blog in question, and ask that you read the comment I left there.

    I thank you for this wonderful dialogue, as you are indeed a blessing to me. Living in a "state of unhappiness" most of my life, I can well understand this darkness, yet from time to time have found my way out of it via this wonderful thing we call the World Wide Web "Internet".

  2. What I feel is that human beings are very choosy. They pick u things which make them happy. Infact we tend to notice only those things which some resemblance to our existence. Happiness and sadness just follow..

    And thanks for visiting ma blog Harsha... m glad that you liked my post... hope that you keep visiting....


  3. @Amias
    First things first.
    Went to my friends blog and read what you have said.
    And thanks a ton for that.
    Calling me a blessing is too big for me dear.
    Am always overwhelmed after listening from you.
    For you I can say that I have found a very good friend(thanks to the internet).
    You give me a better insight into what i have thought.You take the pain to go through what all I feel.
    What more could one ask for.
    Out of the box thinking because I do not feel all these things worthy of the faith we give.
    but yes when you said-
    "Remove “man made gods” and the answer will become clearer before you get old like the rest of us."
    did make me think.
    Its all in the perception,even in the way people perceive god.
    Yes when we want we feel betrayed,when we desire we feel ditched,truth and satiation are 2 very big terms and their achievement infact needs deep contemplation.
    Thanks for being there Amias for me.
    I hope to meet you someday in person.
    Till then we have this wonderful thing we call the World Wide Web "Internet":)
    And one last thing that I would always keep in mind.
    "You take care … as you are your own blessing!"
    Thanks Amias:)


    First of all thanks for visiting.
    And yes I very much do agree with you.
    We pick up things only which have some imprint on us.Happiness and sadness just follow.
    Its generally how we look at things.
    Even the famous saying all that happens,happens for gud stems out 4m this very thought.

    It was wonderful to have you here Chandni.
    And yes I would surely visit your blog:)



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