Thursday, November 12, 2009

where is the flow dude

Inactivity is the crux of idleness or rather they are cyclic.
On a day when I can type a thousand mails have a hundred words and swear million swears,not writing doesnt sound right.
I should and must write cause it is something that gives me pleasure.
I don't want to sound utilitarian but still pleasure to mind is rather what keeps our mind healthy.
Wishing to be a great writer doesnt mean just seeing the great writer in you.
It also means bringing him out.
So, I must at least pen down at times or the passion myt be burnt somewhere.(Atleast that hasn't happened till now but who knows ).
One transformation I have noticed through these times of inactivity.
Initially the thing that very much  kept me writing was accolades too.
May it be in any form:-comments,followers,mentions.
I know it is sad as well as bad.
But thankfully I have passed these phases,now I stand at a place where what matters to me is freeing myself and hence thats the reason I would write from now on.
i dunno whether I wud b writing things as polished as before but yes I would be writing.
Hey m relieved and yes I am :)
PS:-And yes there are special friends whose remembering me rekindles the fire.
U knw it ryt:)



  1. Oh I remember you always, but ever so often you would say something that would inspire me, and thus ... your voice was missed from the blogspere ..

    Whatever reason you write, write. But know this, what good is writing when you can't share it with someone, so don't discount the comments or the followers, for they will inspire you to bring the best out of yourself.

    ... glad to see you putting some more positive energy out here in this dark world!

  2. was waiting for it 4 a long time...

  3. @Amias
    Thanks Amias for remembring me:)
    And it feels so happy to hear that my voice was missed.
    Yes I agree that sharing and the strength that one gets is very important but what I wanted to say is that after I log in back I shouldnt be disappointed that nobody has commented.
    Myt b it was my excitement or my immaturity but yes I have come above dis.
    And yes comments and followers very much inspire me.
    Infact you have been one such person whose comments I take from my heart:)

    Thanx dude.Infact I thought to intimate you in person for this post.
    It feels wonderful that there are buddies who want to read me:)
    zyada to nae bol dia apun ne.
    tc dude:)

  4. Bhai tu to DIL mai rehta hai yaar tu khush nahi rahega to apun kaise rahega ...... Its good to see you writing again ........ missed it a LOT
    i hope you regain all your enthu and +ve energy as it was 12th nov 2 yrs back frm now........
    Sometimes its good to look back and rediscover yourself :)

  5. Thanx Bhai.
    Khush to hamesha hi hu re bas padai k chakkar me likhna chod rakha tha.
    Yup 12th nov was a gud day.
    Ya too look back and to rediscover is important.
    would keep your words in mind

  6. I always search myself in beats...rhythms...grooves and u always in ur words...Never ever let it go buddy !

    Keep Blogging..

  7. @Afterglow
    Here I am.Lets just hope that our searches lead to what we are searching.Thanx buddy:)


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