Friday, November 13, 2009

Should I stop asking...

How much more pain would we succumb to hear the first voice of glory.

When to end is more important than to keep continuing.
This is one important thing that I have not known till now.

A blotch in a relationship can be overlooked or rather let the whole relationship be a blotch.

When the evasive dreams should be evaded to see them convert into reality.

Dark hues are a part and parcel of the life or they are just colors of one mind.

How dirty is really dirty.

Can a lie today be said to abstain from saying a bigger lie tommorow.

Can sex be considered god.Is sex before marriage right.

When would we stop being religious fools.

When would people stop infanticide.

When would the pedophiles rest.

When would we not throw rubble on another person because of how we see him than what he is.

When would I wake up and feel-Yes,this was something that I had waited for my whole life.

When would I stop being in a self dilemma when I refuse to give alms to beggers but later help them at an NGO.

When would I feel balanced.

When would I be able to give back to society what I have got and does that include the negativity too.

When would I be able to make my parents proud.

When would I stop asking questions...

P.S:Not putting a question mark may be grammatically incorrect but putting one would have been morally wrong.



  1. Bhai I object agar tu ? mark laga deta then it would had been written by RISHI Bhansali ..... coz Prashnvachak to wo he hai ....... dont know uska bhoot tere mai aaya kaise ???


  2. @A-Key
    Ye tu saale Rishi ko bol.
    Facebook p mera dimag kha gaya sala sawal pooch pooch k is post k bare me.Kyu hai kya hai.
    Waise u not on facebook kya:)

  3. This is a most profound post, with age old questions that we all ask at one point in our life.

    I think the day we allow ourselves to achieve balance within self, we will have our answers. Of course there is an old adage that goes like this, "you can't ask the question if you don't know the answer" .. so chances are you know the answer to the questions that you asked, all you need do is trust them.

    Peace ...

  4. @Amias
    Hi dear,
    Once i started asking all came to my mind like a deluge of conflicted ideas.
    Yes I have the answers and at the same time I do not have them.
    At times I felt like an introspection and at times as a way to question the wrongs.
    But I wanted to know what others thought of these questions.
    Questions that are common but maybe have different answers.
    Its the similarity in the difference I have been searching.
    Yes,Amias trust is what is needed.:)
    Wishing you an early birthday:)

  5. So true Harsha.. so true..
    all these questions are very clos to my heart.. and I believe these questions do ponder every human being's mind..
    We are just so lost in all these questions.. All these questions have multiple choice answers.. So difficult to choose the best one..
    But only time we keep learning from our experiences.. You will surely have the best answer within u...


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