Sunday, May 2, 2010

the visonary raised his hand and then chaos reigned

"the visonary raised his hand and then chaos reigned"-

Sadly,this is the apathy that we have to bear with,every now and then.
Slam dunked to the core.
One mighty furore infests the other.
One cheap trick quickly eats the other
people like earthern pots
waiting to be squashed as stews
Families happy and gay
Now no more even in the life's fray
Which devil believed in which god
Which religion dwarfed which one
The fools never understood,neither could the geniuses estimate

One fine day comes a Ram
Another day one jigs a Jesus
Allah's word is spread
So how can Jews abstain from their god

But in all this where has the god gone
But in all this where has THIS gone

Indeed we all will listen
Indeed we all will understand
To a man who himself is the core
To a man who is GOOD
To a man who has HELPED
To a man who is a visionary

And yes we have heard
And then
"the visonary raised his hand and then chaos reigned"-

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  1. Deep and powerful with a great metaphor.

  2. Awesome -- simply awesome. :)

  3. Well written with powerful emotions, I thought!

    Fancy a new prompt? try Saturday Soapbox:

  4. @AnthonyNorth
    Thanx Anthony

    @Thomma Lyn
    WELCOME here:)
    Thanx for feeling so:)

    @Understanding Alice
    Thanx dear.Wud try to catch that prompt too.



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