Monday, June 14, 2010

Save me lord

I looked back and still I could see him.
The outline of that tall gaunt figure cleanly pressed against the damp wall was sending deep shivers down me.
I know it was coming,coming for me.
Coming as a reminder for all the days lost,of all the deeds did.
But even then I was afraid.
Afraid not of that figure but afraid of the feeling that would rise once I would meet him.
There was not a single voice heard,neither any word said,just the dark of the night.
I sensed something but before i could jump that obstacle I fell down.
With bleeding knees and a deep cut on my face,with blood oozing and entering my eyes,the figure grew even hazier.
I could taste blood on my tounge or rather was it sweat.I just hadn't the time to think and all I wanted was to run.
I ran again but could not.
I had ran all that I could.I had hid all that I could.
And then I asked myself how much more would I run,how many cuts I would bear.
And then exactly,precisely my world stopped.
And with it I stopped.
I turned back first time in my life to face him.
To call him and tell him that I was not afraid anymore,I am not AFRAID any more.
And then I saw him shrinking,scampering,moving away from me.
There was no one but just my fear,there never was anyone but just me in my fear.
I have again turned ,to face the many fears that were troubling me,failures of sorts,failures of academics,of jobs...but then someday there ought to be a superhero,a saviour to save me.How many times would I wait for people to come and help me.After all this is my life,my trouble.Had been dejected since long afraid of those eyes,those jeering remarks,those rejected calls,those colleges where I failed to enter,those preparations am afraid to again undertake,that office job that I can't complete,that cab driver whose rudeness I can't reply back...
Someday it has to end.
Someday someone has to come to save me.

Happily I am my SUPERHERO.
And am on my mission.



  1. I bet many people, esp women of our society can relate to this kind of fear Harsha. But what you said is real,we are the heroes who can save ourselves from our own fears.

  2. @AnthonyNorth
    Thanks Anthony.

    Fear has varied forms and varied places.It just curbs us without notice.Yes it would be real good if we act quick to save ourselves.
    Thanks Ariel for dropping by.It was wonderful to have you here.


  3. Its too good yar ... i have friends who get tensed even if there is a call from an unknown number ... they are so scared of everything ... i too am ... but all it takes is the guts to face the fear ...

    khair ,,, main bakwas band karta hu ... i really liked this post ...

  4. U.TOOK.MA.BREATH.AWAY.BOY...i can smell that adrenaline rushing out in ur blood :)

  5. Yup buddy good one... nd da good part is dat most of us most often get into dese troubled waters, we call dem fears but dese r nuthin but jus cobwebs dat v create on our own.. gud work dude...

  6. @Deepak
    Thanks buddy(ab itti bar bola fir to likhna hi tha:),but yes thanks a ton for your inputs,they do mean a lot to me,they actually do.

    Thanks buddy.U being scarce still strong know what I mean.

    @Shadow of Darkness
    Thanks dear.Yes cobwebs.Weak but ethereal.Have to get over them,someday somehow maybe...


  7. i really liked the flow..i could actually feel as if someone is really approaching in a night mare...keep writing dear

  8. @Collection of Happiness
    Thanks that you liked it.
    Write I will:)


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