Tuesday, July 26, 2011


The pull is on
as a paper all torn

You write first
or let us be written

It is the fall of the pawn
or a king's return

The banter makes sense
or it is just a shrewd pretence

Sly swelled years
Glutton visible in peers

My breath fumbles
as my glance stumbles

As I fail to leave an impact
You all crusade and label me
a concoct

But I am not a brew
nor a whisper
nor the mockery
or the hushed fear

Catch hold of me
cause I am all yet the tip of the spear

Count your days
cause mine are numbered too

Pull up your socks
cause I am dirty too

From head to toe
to leg to temple
I will quiver my brow
To show you the omen

A dungeon seeths and a tornado weeps
cause they know that what I feel

And once I feel
You meanest of the mean
Would forget what actually feel,feels...


The artist's amazing art can be checked here Grinch
Kindly check 3ww for more enriching posts.


  1. I am women hear me roar indeed,Great poem

  2. hey Sri harsha,

    many beautiful lines... can't pick one... they will linger in my thoughts for a long time: 'The feel'....

  3. check out short story slam week 7 today, bless your day.


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