Saturday, March 16, 2013


What could actually be more beautiful than this place known as Kasauli.
I don't know what but there is something which just made me feel like going back home.
Not that as I have lived or loved in hill stations. Infact this was a first time for me.
But you see this place had that creepy smouldering effect on me as if I belonged here.

You could sniff the clouds right through your room inching from the windows.
A dab of freshness always lighting your rooms.
That cup of tea which tasted as the biggest single malt ever conjured. I remember those strolls clearing the clouds as I moved further.
My detours into the cobbled lanes. Breakfast being made on order. The luscious roads.
A place which made me feel that you don't need people to make you happy but happiness alone would make you happy.
I was not only reading my choicest of books on those mountains but all the books buried inside me were fluttering to come out.
The place made me realise the writer I was.
The long walks where I contemplated with nature and we both teamed up against me made me realise the beauty of solitude.

The railings still fresh with dew filled moss would make a killing for a location.
The place made me realise the traveller I was.
Of lands unknown of souls untouched.
Sitting with the locals and chatting over topics unknown.

Death was never so young and life never so morbid,
See there are times when you feel that insignificance is the highest level of significance.
That was one of those times.

I realized once more that you don't need a god to tell you what ought to be done but it is you and you alone who will be taming these so called gods and demons alike cause none of them ever existed and would never will.

You know how it feels when the distance rings of the songs that you never knew but always enjoyed, when peace prevails and you dont know that things existed, which could eat your fears your aspirations.
Days when you realise that there are things and people and feelings better suited better booted.
When you realise that you have a bigger calling than whatever big you ever dreamt of.
That was one of those days.

Kasauli we will meet more often.


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