Sunday, April 6, 2014

my curse

How does it feel to be pulverized by rocks,

Being hypnotized in the docks,

For all that you put me through, for the sun to hit you when you grew,

Cranky I am cause it is what it is,

Crucify me or gut me like a fire which is,
Not a friend a foe but a dead eyed doe

I splutter in the carriage with cages tied to my baggage
I can't fly can't run, I rummage from what I earn

I know cause this is how I grew
This venom which I brew

Slippery slates for sluggish woes
Dreary days with gruffish glow

Have it on me cause my head is red
Blame it on me cause my blood is dead

You know what,I know how it feels,
I know how it feels


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