Friday, February 19, 2010

"Don't dawdle Alice"

"Don't dawdle Alice"

One line that always reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.
A line said by the ever intelligent cat which shows Alice the key to priorities.
And Alice as she is,even at such high priority time is awestruck by the world she is in.
So peculiar of her,right.
And in turn,of you,me and us all.
No day is useless.No day is aimless.
Yet aimless drifting is what we have been doing since ages at a stretch.
That check that needs to be processed,that chapter that needs to be studied,the effort that needs to be put,that phone call that we had to do.
But we as Alice are most lost in other entanglements.
And it is more sad cause half of the important times are just lost in the nerdy hitches that rise in our throats.
All are just stuck up in an inanimate time frame.
A state which would always come with splashes of pleasure and pain.
It's just that we have been postponing them.

So,Alice this is for you and for me.

The time to dawdle is over.
The time has come,come for things that need to be handled,for plans that need to be executed.
I have been witnessing that 3/4th of my life's situations am leaving in the hands of the river's flow.

But time has come to question the 3/4ths and merge as one voice.

So,please Alice don't dawdle,let's run and that too real hard.

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Bhaaaagooooooooo ......
    I also have been flowing in the same river... now its time to swim where i need to go .... not always along the FLOW

  3. gud one....actually the thought is gud...
    it would be great if u follow what u write..a step towards perfection...may be.


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