Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Placid death

Fathom the seas.
Ride the mountains.
Pull that plug.
Stitch the time.
Do the now.
Make the move.
Catch that bus.
Hop the train.
Trim that waist.
Catch that heist.
Touch that girl.
Kiss your love.
Win that job.
Earn that sum.

Placid death,isn't it.
Although placid but still it is there as always.
And that's what I have been enjoying since past few days,a placid death.
Atleast my one happy hobby shouldn't die a placid death.
Atleast one part of me doesn't get pressed in the undertones but emerge stronger.
And hence I write.
Wanted to say-That hence I write and hence I live.



  1. and my hobby will always be to read ur writings....beautiful...

  2. I WONT let you die PLACID DEATH.... so don't worry my friend ... I am always there ... to create CHAOS.

  3. hi,
    love this peace of art harsha! i can't say keep it up to u coz that's what mentors say to their followers, i can say i will keep getting inspirations from this high-fi art work!

  4. @Rishi
    Your hobbies make me live buddy:)

    Yes Akky.I know u won't let me die a placid death.CHAOS is what we are destined to make.But somewhere since the past few days I feel u r getting melancholy.Just dont be so dear.

    @Sarah Siddiqui
    Thanks Sarah.
    And yes nobody is nobody's mentor.We all are but mere pebbles in a whirlpool.Violent the movement violent we are.It was good to see you here:)
    Thanks for the humbleness:)



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