Sunday, August 29, 2010

Faith-just be there for some more time

The word itself goes into immense grueling by the very person who posses them.
What is faith?
Is it the belief in the god whom we have never seen.
Or is it the belief in that religious guru or that holy man who promises a way to god
but the very next day his sex tape emerges as the most watched video on you tube.
Or faith is that political group which on the ground of its faith destroys a mosque
just to uphold the faith which is its basis.
Or faith is that veil that lets us do any evil,cover all the sins taken and done in the name of god.

What is faith then.
Is it the belief that yes we have our family always there for us even at the dark of night.
Or is it the education that we underwent which would be our weapon even at the dim
of recession.

Faith is subjective and that too very very subjective.

Do I have faith??
Yes,I have.
I have the faith that when I would lie in shambles,distressed distraught then it won't be the god
who would come to hlp me.
Neither would it be one of the groups busy in breaking another church nor the holy people.
It would be me and me alone who would be the last man standing for me.

Then why should I search faith in every obscured vision,in every kaput government,in every lost

 I agree that yes my faith got skewed at times,afraid at moments but happily it is still there.

I have found my faith.
Wish the same for all of you.


Image courtsey:batman_by_anima_parilis
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  1. Keep that questionnaire coming. That's what makes you going and your creativity flowing..


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