Thursday, September 16, 2010


As I stretch my hand
My blades hurt 
I scamper to a rescue 
but my veins thrust

I pull whats all within
and let out one last cry
with sweat in my eyes
and blood in breath
I yearn to instigate everything
that has not turned death

The silence tickles
as if insane
The time trickles 
as if it would never wane

But there I see the hourglass
Losing all the sand
There I see my life 
losing all that could be grand
I had promised myself 
that I would hold that time
I had promised myself 
that I would fight this time

So,one last time
I stretch my hand

My blades hurt 
And ah,
I hold the time.

Written for Magpie Tales



  1. Raw and powerful. I really liked this.

  2. "I yearn to instigate everything/that has not turned death"
    That is such a powerful poemful line.

  3. Thought-provoking and a powerful piece of writing.

    CJ xx

  4. Beautiful Harsha, keep reaching, fighting..


  5. if only we could hold the time...vivid imagery...nice mag!

  6. I read this twice and I like it very much. Time I don't believe it ever wanes especially when you have to fight.

  7. @Willow
    Thanks Willow.I too had the raw feeling when I wrote it.

    Might sound funny.But the moment I wrote it,I knew this line would be the center of this poem.

    @Crystal Jigsaw
    Thanks Crystal for feeling so.

    Hopefully this strength gets exuberant back on me that I have been searching since log.

    Thanks Rene.Yes,poems have become a way of life.Atleast to keep sanding:)

    @Brian Miller
    Thanks Brian.Prompts having a center are so good only cause we are able to see the wide thought variations.
    This is my first time in Magpie and really loved it.

    @Kristen Haskell
    Thanks Kristen.It feels so happy when people really appreciate your work.
    Time would ever wane.

    Thanks a ton to all of you for taking time and visiting.
    This is my first visit to magpie but was very interesting.Wud surely come back.


  8. @Priyanka Bhomwick
    Thaks for feeling so.
    Thanks for visiting.

    HA bhai determined

    Thanks Jingle.
    Thanks for your time


  9. @Sahil Raka
    Raka bhai aapka ana hi pavitrata hai.Thanks:)


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