Monday, October 11, 2010

Divide and fool

This story dates long back,back,back and enough of back.
Its a time when we actually cared for some things and people could easily see the potential of our care and use it in a lot of constructive work.
But this construction only helped them which was something that we later realized.
This story dates back to a time when we have seen our very own neighbours behaving a bit weird,eccentric due to some issues of as they say higher importance.
Its about the time of a pressure cooker world(although its still the same),but yet at that time the pressure was always ready to explode,hissing all the time with an anger that seethed since ages.
And believe me there was a time when after demolishing something of grave importance when you went back to your town you were treated like a swatantra sainani(freedom fighters) to the grades of Bhagat Singh or Chandrashekhar azad.
Well enough of the times,hoping at the same time that time never returns back.
So, at that time there cropped up an issue of a house,of a cake so common to all people but divided by lines not of flavours but of vengeance,vengeance sown by people who had no place whatsoever in that house,who had no share whatsoever in that cake but then there was a bigger reason.
These people had a big big cow.Lets call it the holy cow.
They just wanted to milk that cow.
They called that cow- INDIA, with love.
So all they wanted was some fodder to feed the cow,just some safe fodder.
And people of those times could even stake their own lives just so that the cow could have its say.
Sadly the fodder got all eaten by the men themselves.
The cow has shrivelled up to the size of a retarded goat.
And the only instances when we hear about the cow is when photos of tidy rooms come in national dailies for some stupid local games with ' articulate beautiful designer dog leg blankets' or of creative pan stein walls.
I still am unable to understand why the kangaroo land people are all praises for those dragon owners. Instead of appreciating the beauty of our designs they make faces,ridiculing at the marvels that won't ever be found at any other place on earth.
And now isn't it the best games village we could ever give.
Now small bits of wrongs and rights are always there.
Now take this even if someone comes to visit your house these small things always stay,don't they.
Like dog stained blankets and pan coloured walls.Isn't it common :)
Add to this we have epitomised the way judgement happening in this country with god himself being one of the petitioners.
Our cow has come of age now.
Sadly one of its calves got divided into 3.But then that was a fair judgment based on facts after all.
But even if it is who cares.

Why to draw lines on places when we all are the same.
Even now we can all come up mutually for places that are common to all.
I understand the angst that we had this place so we will have it back.
We ruled it once so we would rule it again.
But when would we absolve our generations from a hell which they would never want.

What we all need too understand that lines once drawn would only get deeper.
The cake has been divided.
The essence now lies with us that how good these pastries could be aligned so that we all can mutually eat together.

May the pressure just wane out of this cooker.

To the cow:)


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