Saturday, October 23, 2010

Curiosity killed the cat-Did it

Why am I not curious anymore.
I know not to be curious means not to have the desire to live.
But still if people had not been curious of the apple falling,or the earth moving or the fire burning,things would have never ever moved on.
But still am not curious nowadays.
Am anchored in my thoughts for actions that never burn.
Sadly,its not only me but a lot of prototypes I see everyday have lost the nerve of being curious.
Look at yourself,how many times do you actually stop at a construction site to see how the crane works.
Or how many times are you actually curious to read about that author's roots.
Or how many times you have actually felt to call the maitre d' of the hotel and ask him how he has cooked the food.
Not being curious is like going into an unstated limbo.

Is it either that we know that,we know all or is it the shame that moves with the act of being curious that is to ask.
Let's all not be duds.
We have got to accept that we don't know everything.
And there is no harming in trying to know.
To live is to be curious.

Life is just all about being curious,
about why we perform why we don't
about why we love why we don't
about how the sun sets how seasons won't.

Remember curiosity never killed the cat it was just that the cat committed suicide as it had nothing to do.

See,am curious what you people think:)



  1. “Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back!" - :) Curiousity is a good thing!

  2. @ana
    Satisfaction indeed.Something stays in to make us stay.
    Thanks for your visit dear.


  3. Life would be so dull if we understood everything! An excellent read.

  4. While the internet is criticized for all sorts of indiscretions, I believe it is an aid to the curious. There's nothing I like more than reading about something on a blog then moving over to that search space in the upper right-hand corner of the tool many possibilities and so little time. I love tangential informal research

  5. @keiths ramblings
    Yes life would be real dull.
    And I just wish that we don't know everything.
    Thanks for feeling so.

    Tangential informal resarch.
    rightly said Wendy.
    Yes the internet has umpteen power but it just needs to be calibrated and used.
    I have seen many people who actually read Wikipedia for a lot many things and many who are just lost in the indiscertions.
    But well these indiscertions are also a tool for the curious.


  6. Nice blog Harsha. Keep it going. We need more of these!

  7. @Shail Raghuvanshi
    Thanks Shail.
    Your appreciation is very much needed and respected.

  8. Nice post. "Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton was the one who asked why." Bernard Mannes Baruch


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