Monday, November 8, 2010

my 2 cents

A sandstorm hit my view as I clobbered my own failures.
I knew that somehow I had agreed mutually with my self that even at my wit's end that this road was now a dead end.
But somehow I looked back at those grapes turned sour.
A constant question had kept popping since long but I had always hushed it away.
Today I just HAD to give the answer.
The solution was to either live the barricaded life engulfed in a cyst of my own existence or fight back for my greater self.
Greater self: The word itself resonates as a satirical joke on myself.
Where has been your greater self?
Let me rephrase it.
Has there ever been a greater self for you,Harsha?
You are nothing but the outcome of the inflated expectations that people have said just cause they had to say something.You are indeed that balloon that has always thrived on waste hot air.
You are that pimp outside a brothel who is projected as THE PIMP but in fact is a prostitute for THE prostitues.
What are you,Harsha.
You don't even have a proper ego.
Do you remember that jab that you had on your jaws in your first ear.
Does your blood still curdle at the thought of that fight.
Do you still know the taste of the blood that was trickling down your nose then.
DO you remember your failures Harsha.
Have you ever thought of replying back to those silent assassins,those vampires that have been sucking your pride since I don't know when.
Have you thought of living a life you want and even more a life you deserved.
When failures miraged you,you just stopped trying for those things.
Harsha tell me one major achievement that you can boast of.

Tell me a single milestone in your life that you can say you have put your blood and grit in.
Have you ever felt sweat trickling down your forehead,veins throbbing hard in your arms and eyes tired but still sparkling with the glow of success.

When Harsha when you would be the Harsha you want to be.
When would you stop this crap-a-homa.
When would you love your work.
When would you live your life.

I put 2 options in front of you:

First one being what all do.
Start loving your work.Start making starts.Get into the groove.
Respect everything cause with enough grit this is also the place where I have seen marvels happen.

And 2nd the path less travelled-Have faith,not in god but in your abilities,master perfection,infuse passion,be deaf not to the people but more importantly to your self.Kill that under achieving bastard in you.
And I dare you and beg you at the same time be that change that you have only admired.

One last question Harsha doesn't your blood still boil,you Bastard?


Photo Courtsey:

to fight or notby ~anatheme


  1. Harsha, that was one excellent piece of introspective emotion set so well that it rattles your conscience. Keep it going. And keep answering those questions you asked yourself in the composition that you just wrote....

  2. Nice one harsha...don't struggle with yourself...just set it free n feel the magic :)


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