Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The day is yours

"The enthusiasm is killing me." howled the kid down the room.
His mother too was jumping in leaps and bounds.
This day was no ordinary day and her gesture was no ordinary one.
This was the day when her son had FINALLY passed the 10th class.
Yes and that too after three unsuccessful attempts.
There was a party lined up today.
The whole family had been gearing up for a together at Atif's home.
It was not that Atif was not mischievous.
Yes,he was like every second boy.
But what he was bad at was studies.
It wasn't that he never studied,infact he gave in more efforts than the regular pupils.
But still he was never able to make the cut.
Three consecutive flunks shatter a young boy who hardly understands and who can even hardly tell.

Things like these happen most of the times.
Either we or our siblings or our friends or maybe our children have been in the shoes of Atif.
Imagine Atif.
Studying hard.Planning even harder.
With friends he too might plan a long summer vacation after the break.
He too would have dreams.

I had a chat with Atif once.
I could feel the pain in his voice.
I remember the last time when his result came and I could hear his choked voice on the other end of the phone.
It was me whom he trusted the most and so he had asked me to check his result.
When I told him that he had failed he just asked me to recheck the result and said that it couldn't be true.
That was the biggest panic that has ever set in me.I could visualise the immediate outcome.
From that time to the time I reached his home I just wished that he din't do anything miserable.
I called his parents and just asked them to be with him.
Times like these are so fragile and life so vulnerable.
I am sometimes like nowadays enamoured of Atif.
I keep down weighing for my failures.
But when I see the world from Atif's view my failures have been nothing.
Imagine knowing that there is one more year wherein you can't do anything else but the same old process.
You don't even know what went wrong the last time.
You GAVE your best everytime.
You would continue to do so even now,but till when??
Add to this the shame when you meet your friends.
The humiliation your neighbours shower you with.

I have always said one thing-
Even at 3 am at night if their is some one who would take you with open arms is your family.
Be THE family,the treasure children want at these times.
Show them that you trust them.
Tell Atif that there is still life it was just a bloody exam and nothing else.
Remember that Atif is  a lot more broken about this than any one else in the whole world.
It was his result after all.
I too have not been a  standing pillar for Atif.
Misunderstanding his failing as his notoriety.

Let Atif see the light of the day.
Hopefully today is the party Atif had planned for,since three long excruciating years.
Let's raise a toast for Atif.
The day is yours.

Something on the same lines:-  in the mind of a dyslexic

Every 100 minutes another teenager will commit suicide.
Suicide is the second leading cause of death among people between the ages of 14 and 25 in the United States.
The following statistics were taken from a recent survey of college and high school students by the CDC:
Twenty-seven percent of high school students said they had "thought seriously" about killing themselves during the past year. Eight percent said they had actually tried to kill themselves.
Ten percent of U.S. college students admitted serious thoughts about suicide. Seven percent had a suicide plan.
More than 30,000 Americans commit suicide each year, and 5,000 of these people are teenage
Read more:

Thousands of children commit suicide all over the world just because of flunking in exams.
The time has come for change

Written for 3ww
The words being:-gesture, immediate, treasure

Photo Courtsey:

Sanitarium IIby =aR-Ka



  1. wow..i have no words..i'm just overcome..i really don't know what to say..the whole importance people give to passing in exams and the subsequent pressure they put on their's just heart wrenching..i wish people would not judge a child just on the ability of his/her failing an exam..there's so much more to a child..which is sometimes lying latent because society refuses to think beyond the prejudices and the double standards it's set upon itself..
    anyway, kudos for writing on such a sensitive subject which is i'm sure close to a lot of people's hearts!

  2. As a teacher, I have been in this place seeing students like Atif! But it is less about exams and more about a general sense of worthlessness, hopelessness! Some students have no vision! They feel lost! It is hard work trying to help them see what they can do rather than focusing on what they can't! But I keep trying!

    A beautiful story!

  3. What a powerful story..I could really feel the struggle and sense of helplessness for Atif - the photo illustrated this perfectly as well..Jae

  4. A very touching write this.. you are truly being instrumental in creating awareness.. well done.. a very unique take on 3ww today..

  5. I certainly will raise a toast for Atif ... a really strong and heartfelt piece, well written.

  6. I echo Deborah, very strong and heartfelt. You could truly feel your emotion poured onto the page. Well done, both in use of language to tell such a story and in flow.

  7. @Arwen
    Your coming here always motivates me.
    Thanks for feeling so.
    Yes,I too strongly believe that a child would be judged on more things other than studies alone.
    Hopefully the society changes for the better.
    This topic is actually close to my heart at least.
    There were almost 6 people whom I could substitute who are very close to me while writing this article.
    Thanks for your time Arwen:)

    @Greyscale Territory
    Gemma,it is teachers like you who make the real difference.
    And the truth is we are in reality in a dearth of such people.
    We need to have people who can substantiate the extreme expectations with pragmatic thinking.
    Hopefully the lost hope is pulled back.
    Great work Gemma.Keep it going.

    Thanks jae.Good to have you here.
    The photo was something that had been pushing me to write something of the sort,something useful but still not cynical.It is a beautiful image.Visit the artist for more of his images.I have posted a link too.

    @Ramesh Sood
    Thanks Ramesh for taking time.
    And thanks again for feeling so.
    It is the kind words of people like you which make you more enthusiastic to write.
    The best part of 3WW is that the same set of words can have the most varied of combinations and hence the fun.

    Thanks dear.
    I wish we all raise a toast for all the Atifs not only when they pass but everytime when they try.
    I believe it is the trying that counts more.
    Thanks again dear.

    Thanks a lot dear.
    What more can I ask for.
    A lot of times the link between mind and paper breaks,thankfully you felt the other way round this time.
    I am happy that you felt so.

    Keep visiting.


  8. Hi Harsha,

    Although the write-up is prose, you have placed them in the format of a poem. I suppose therein lies the charm of this prose-poetry apart from the fact that your sensitivity seeps in through the words.

    Keep writing Harsha.

  9. @Shail
    I intended to write it as fiction.
    But in due course this turned to be a prose.
    And if you see glimpses of poetry then it might have crept unintentionally.But the basic rhyming creeps in sometimes.
    Thanks for your kind words,Shail.


  10. I am a teacher and yes, there are so many Atifs out there...we should be caring enough...coz a teacher can make or unmake a student! I've proven that with my kids...:-)

    we should be vigilant about this scenario, as parents and also as teachers! Very good post!

  11. A sad truth told very well. Good use of prompt.

  12. Dear Harsha..

    Refer your comment on my page quote: "While reading this poem I felt as if to sit with you and discuss the poems written line by line over a cup of tea:)" unquote: This is possible.. we are from the same city and share the sunsign too..

  13. Ohh My God!!!! I read it whole!! It really stopped my breathe!! Beautifully written!! Keep it up!! :)

  14. It's so hard to see someone struggle like this and so easy to misunderstand. Very powerful.

  15. Really interesting story, especially because I see shades of it around me, in the kids around me.

  16. This is a powerful stroy and you are wonderful story writer.. I admire your way of righting..

    --Someone Is Special--

  17. Somewhere deep within it touched..


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