Monday, December 19, 2011

Bowen Mccoy

Image source- Lelia(click on the caption to check artist's work)

On a  hill so high
Bowen Mccoy stood as small as a  fly

Plight of a sadhu or fight of a man
Life of a being or death of his mind

Years of planning and days of rigor
Made him ready with power and vigor

Should I carry him down
and let the sadhu take my crown
Should I reach the top
and 'maybe' leaving sadhu's life to a stop

I maybe wrong or maybe I am wrong
My heart will frown or my mind gets strong

"I think"
I will follow my aim
by climbing the peak
I will follow my heart
by leaving him with options not so bleak

I reach the top and scale the spot
but conscience asks me is the sadhu alright

On a  hill so high
Bowen Mccoy stood as small as a  fly

For insights on this poem it is highly recommended to go through
The parable of the sadhu(

It talks about the dilemma of Bowen Mccoy who while scaling the peak of a hill top comes across an ailing almost dead sadhu. The question that looms in front of him is to whether carry the sadhu back to the base camp or continue with his journey.Bowen leaves the sadhu with another group of trekkers to move forward.But the question keeps on haunting him. A management question torn between ethics and goals.
And more so what we, I as human being constantly face, the battle of the heart and mind.


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