Friday, February 10, 2012

uneasy stares

Summoning of the muse- By Karma Lizard

We look at each other till the stares become uneasy. 

I at you thinking what could be your next move and you at me thinking that when I would stop, thinking.

The action awaits and the silence is deafening. Maybe it is the silence before the storms rush in, the kind of sound which comes in a deluge, just before a river gushes in, just after a death when the soul rushes in.

I know my worth is no different and you know your time and name is affluent.

Even then this gaze persists as if we are pawns in a maze where agony persists.
The tension would break soon and your form would change soon.

We would dwell into the darkness as soon as happiness would turn sanguine.
I know that we are constrained by time, by ideas, by life. You may not be always near me and I, may not be, always.
Still we stare like life’s snare. Deep within lie lines dwindling between love and lust.

I don’t know when my intent gaze could be condemned for being an animal, when it would be hated for being the primal instinct.

Finally I cower in. My patience killing the best out of me. My restraint pushing the worst from me.

Finally we make contact as if it has been ages since I touched you back.

I devour you slowly as you feel me and we together move slowly.

Yes, my muse I am talking about you. After years of wait am again back writing. Now you won’t be blank any more cause I have started to write, write again.  


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