Sunday, December 28, 2014

Ohhh that life

Ohhh that life
With smashing pumpkins and sloshing bottles
Ohhh that life
With you in my arms
And hugs so complete
With ur trinkets making noises
And ur laughter filling voices

Ohhh that life when I would know that knowledge is what completes us
Humor is what drives us
Crying would keep us real
And sex would keep us emotional
Ohhh that life when your lips would not be kissed but devoured
When your eyes would be mine
And dreams would be shared

Ohhh that life when life would be free
Not fraught by stupidity
Not bound by nayness

When we would dance whenever we would feel like
When you would offer me sangria to celebrate my cooking
When we would right books which we would believe in

Ohhh that life when the sun would set with stories you
When I would look next to me and see a woman who had a dream and she did her best to achieve her dream
A woman who never gave up
A girl who was the lady for what she did her life

A lady who will be my fair lady always
When I will tell my kids about her
They would be as proud as I would be

Ohhh that life where Elysium would mate with reality
That life where we would be what we want to be
Best is what we aimed to be
And yet mediocre with arrogance at bay
With tonnes of sleep and laziness in the sheets

We will make a story
Which would be beautiful
But more important than that it would be a story worth listening to a million times
Ohhh that , life

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